Student Ambassadors

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Welcome to the University of Portsmouth London Student Ambassadors page!

Our ambassadors represent our vibrant community, engaging with prospective students and offering insights into campus life. Join us for opportunities to grow personally and professionally, while making a meaningful impact on our university community.

Main duties of an Ambassador will be:

  • Contributing social media content, videos and blogs about student life in Portsmouth
  • Assisting with hosting visits to the University for international visitors, including campus tours
  • Assisting with online education fairs and webinars
  • Participating in focus groups and student panels
  • Participating in social activities for international students, helping to develop the social programme, and supporting integration on campus
  • Participating in online social activities for international students
  • Assisting in communications with prospective and incoming international students
  • Office administration tasks


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Become an Ambassador

If you would like to sign up to become an ambassador, please fill out our Application Form.