Why UoP London?

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We offer an inclusive approach to learning that is focused on you

Our career-focused courses offer inclusive study, real-world learning, and industry connections. Our purpose built campus provides the latest in learning technology, sustainability and student experience. Our location in Walthamstow Central, in the heart of Waltham Forest, enables easy access from across London. 

As our London Campus grows, we will expand our portfolio of courses to include a range of new subjects, apprenticeships, lifelong learning and short courses.


Education made for you

At the University of Portsmouth London, our approach is designed to be flexible so you can fit studying into your life.

The teaching approach has been distilled from best practice around the world with all face to face teaching scheduled in two blocks of four hours on different days (morning and afternoon), with an additional two hours this will make it easier for you to schedule other commitments around your studies. All the in person sessions will be focused on activities to really engage you in what you are learning.

Digital resources and activities will also be blended in. You will be taught in a block teaching mode where you study one module at a time and it is assessed before moving onto the next with the assessment embedded in the teaching – this means you can focus your attention on one topic as well as getting regular concrete feedback on your progression as you work through the year.

To help you plan ahead, we'll release timetables up to six months in advance. Plus, we'll measure your success with a range of assessment methods so you'll know how you're doing throughout your course.


Community focused

We're working closely with local government, industry and charities so you can work on real projects which have a direct impact on the area where you'll be studying. We want our campus to be part of the future of Waltham Forest, feeding into change. One area of focus, for example, will be the London Borough of Waltham Forest climate emergency agenda. You'll have the opportunity to work on these projects, in teams made up of students from across different subjects at the campus.


Supporting your future

Each and every one of our courses is focused on giving you a helping hand in your career. There will be grand challenges that bring all your knowledge together to work on a difficult, client problem, modelled on industry practice to really hone your abilities ready for the workplace. You'll also have the option to do a placement year, and spend a year putting what you've learnt into practice.


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